Alias Xeno
Name Joseph Moon
Age 28
Height 6'5"
Weight 211lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Distinguishing Features None
Known Relations None
Skills Trained battlesuit pilot
Superhuman Abilities Bonded to a battle armor with flight capabilities, plasma flare launchers, force blasts, and cutting lasers, as well as a protective force field. Armor appears to have the ability to heal.

Profile Joseph worked as a test pilot in Horizon for their XENO998 project. He was the victim of corporate espionage as he was framed for the prototypes theft and forced to go on the run. Joining the Morlocks, he was reunited with his fiance and later even his best friend as they joined him on the group. However, difficult circumstances later estranged him from his fiance and his death was later faked by Herod.
Herod mutilated Xeno's body and bonded him to a armor of unknown technology. A control device was also implanted with him, turning him into an assassin called Deadbolt. He was forced to go against the Morlocks in a series of brutal attacks that nearly wiped them out.
The device enslaving Xeno was destroyed by Flux, revealing that he had been Deadbolt to them. Freed from Herod, he now has to live with what has been done to him.