Alias Tripstar
Name Michael Keelor
Age 20
Height 5'11"
Weight 175 lbs.
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Distinguishing Features None
Known Relations Sandra Keelor (sister)
Skills None
Superhuman Abilities Body generates extreme levels of white hot plasma that must be contained in a shielded suit. Also capable of flight.

Profile Tripstar led an unremarkable life until an attempted kidnapping caused his powers to manifest, allowing him to escape. Later, he found his parents murdered and sister missing by likely the same persons who attempted to take him. His investigation of this led him to be arrested by the Paradox Corporation. His association with the Morlocks began when they freed him from his unjust imprisonment.
Tripstar left to find his sister during the time of Doom's presidency, but only found himself anducted by Herod and used as a means of destruction. Now, his body constantly generates dangerous levels of heat and for the safety of others, he must seal himself off within a containment suit else he destroy everything and everyone near him.