Alias Static
Name Ethan Ferguson
Age 18
Height 5'10"
Weight 160 lbs.
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Distinguishing Features Pointed ears and facial markings
Known Relations Steven Ferguson (father)
Skills None
Superhuman Abilities Teleportation and generates blades of disruptive neural energy.

Profile Originally just a corporate brat, Static blamed his father for the accidental death of his mother in an experiment they were conducting for the Paradox Corporation. He ran away and made use of his mutant powers to survive. He was eventually found by Genesis, CEO of Paradox, and used to be a part of the Morlocks. A series of discoveries followed. Not only was he a mutant, but a rare breed of immortal mutants known as Externals. Also, Genesis was the one truly responsible for his mother's death, not his father, who became Genesis' captive after the fall of Alchemax.
Static was lost in Virtual Unreality and only partially rescued by the Net Prophet, returning as a being of energy with no physical body. After a short time of this, his form raged out of control and iiquified a group of attackers infected with unknown organisms. From the organic soup they were reduced to, he emerged in a body again. However, it is now a mystery what he has become, if he is even still an External, a mutant, or even human.