Alias Echo
Name Seth Lai
Age 20
Height 5'11"
Weight 165 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes White
Distinguishing Features Several tattoos
Known Relations None
Skills Practices musician, fluent in Japanese
Superhuman Abilities Absorbs sound and reapplies it as blasts of sonic force. Hearing is greatly enhanced as well.

Profile At a young age, Seth secretly made use of his mutant ability to tour as a syntho-musician on the Armageddon Choir. While on such a tour, his parents were killed by an unknown party. He moved into the Nuevo Sol Arcology after being ousted as a mutant and hunted by possibly the same party responsible for his parents' deaths. There, he met Xi'an and other mutants who would go on to become the X-Men. He left the arcology after a few years, on a quest for the answers to the death of his parents. Straying from his quest, he soon became a Morlock.
Seth has been hardened during his time with the Morlocks. It has been some time since he's even allowed himself to perform his music. The revelation that Seth was killed by Apocalypse and that he is in fact a clone replica made by a man called Sinister has caused Seth to adopted the name of Echo and shun the identity he believed was his.