Alias Predator
Name Lianna Miko Creed
Age 17
Height 6'
Weight 168 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Green, cat-like slits
Distinguishing Features Stark-white skin
Known Relations Victor Creed (father, deceased)
Skills Fluent in Japanese, trained combatant
Superhuman Abilities Has a healing factor and enhanced senses, and a cybernetic adamantium-lanxide skeleton with retractable claws from her fingertips.

Profile Her mother dying during her birth, Predator was not allowed to have a normal like as the growing anti-mutant hysteria convinced her father, Sabretooth, to take her into his own protective custody and raise her himself. Her father died along with others calling themselves X-Men in a trap set for them. She soon found herself pursued by unknown forces and eventually captured and confined in a stasis field.
Predator was revived by Hikaru, CEO of Stark-Fujikawa, discovering that 80 years had passed. Escaping from him, she found herself in a group called the Morlocks and her skeleton was removed and replaced with an adamantium version. She soon realized that Hikaru was not a threat, and had instead been seeking to protect her, almost like a second father, who also was taken from her in death. Not only that, but she was turned into Pestilence by Apocalypse and caught the attention of the Theatre of Pain. Her future has become uncertain, as she does not even know if she will still be Predator, revert to Pestilence, or become something else entirely.