Alias Powerslam
Name Kevin Marko
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Weight 200 lbs.
Hair Long, red
Eyes Green
Distinguishing Features None
Known Relations Malcolm Lopez (brother-in-law); Hope Lopez (sister, deceased); Maria Jolen (cousin)
Skills None
Superhuman Abilities Has an accelerated rate of healing and projects spheres of explosive energy.

Profile Now the CEO of the Hope Conglomerate, Powerslam started out as a low-class worker on a mining colony in Saturn's orbit. His family were the victims of corporate sabotage, which he was convicted for and seperated from his sister. His sentence of death of changed to a sentence to service for a man called Genesis, who turned him into a Morlock, which could have been considered a death sentence still.
Powerslam started out controlled and driven by his resentment for megacorporations. His time with the Morlocks have shown him that things can hardly be seen so simply. Reunited with sister Hope after so long only to have her violently taken away from him again, he now controls one of the most powerful megacorporations in the world. And in her name, things will change.