Alias Katana
Name Kinuko Daishi
Age 21
Height 5'1"
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Distinguishing Features None
Known Relations Hideto Daishi (father, deceased); Sylia Daishi (mother, deceased)
Skills Nanotechnology researcher
Superhuman Abilities Generates a protective energy barrier around her body, that can be shaped by her will and produces electronic interference.

Profile Katana was a research assistant for Stark-Fujikawa, specializing in nanotechnology. Her parents were murdered in an apparent failed robbery attempt, those responsible being apprehended and then mysteriously disappearing. She was promoted to her father's vacant position and caught the attention of the higher executives. Her experiments with nanotechnology were getting increasingly closer to a corporate secret that they wished to remain secret. Her experiments were sabotaged, causing an accident that saturated her body with an unknown strain of nannites and left her appearing dead. She awoke to find that she had been dumped in the city slums and able to produce some sort of force field. She kept a low profile from then on, until finding herself involved with the Morlocks.
Since her exposure to Virtual Unreality, Katana has been haunted by some unknown presence that seems able to enter her mind and even control her force field.