Alias Kali
Name Nicole Lennox
Age 100
Height 5'5"
Weight 185 lbs.
Hair Silver
Eyes Yellow
Distinguishing Features Bat-like wings on her back
Known Relations Mephisto (father)
Skills None
Superhuman Abilities Capable of winged flight and pyrokinesis. Bears much greater, demonic power as well.

Profile Daughter of the devil and a human girl, Kali has spent nearly a century of her life living in Hell. Seeking escape, she found help from an old mystic called Endai, who was the mentor of Jaxion, and died pulling her free from Hell. In an unfamiliar world, she then found a guide and friend in Jaxion. She went on to become one of the first Morlocks, later bringing Jaxion into the mix with her.
With them, Kali has come across clues to maternal heritage pointing to a being called Styx. Also, she has discovered a powerful force within her. She was killed trying to save her friends and she found herself back in the clutches of Mephisto, who told her that the power inside her was her true demonic nature and would overwhelm her. Kali has been returned to Earth by her father's will, leaving her to dwell further on her fate and true nature.