Alias Jaxion
Name Daniel Daun
Age 22
Height 6'1"
Weight 185 lbs.
Hair Long, brown
Eyes One blue, green prosthetic
Distinguishing Features Prosthetic left eye and foot, inhuman right hand, various scars
Known Relations Jason Daun (brother, deceased)
Skills Practicing technomancer, martial arts, cybernetics
Superhuman Abilities Exercises his technomancer magic through his cybernetic eye and firearm.

Profile The informal leader of the Morlocks, Jaxion was once a young man with a bright corporate future ahead of him. That ended when his older brother cursed his own sloul and killed their parents. Jaxion was taken in by an old mystic called Endai and tutored in his ways. He has combined these teachings with modern technology, making himself a technomancer in his own right. He traveled the world, accompanied by Kali until they both fell in with the Morlocks.
Jaxion's continued associated with the Morlocks has cost him an eye and a leg. Both he had cybernetically replaced. Not only this, but his original method of technomancy has been stripped away, leaving him to use a modified firearm to channel his power. And the death of his brother at the hands of Kali appears to have left him cursed with a demonic limb of unknown power.