Alias None
Name Gally
Age 48
Height 5'1"
Weight 425 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Distinguishing Features Armored body from the neck down
Known Relations None
Skills Master of Panzer Kunst fighting style
Superhuman Abilities Powerful cybernetic body with serrated blades extended off her elbows and intense plasma flares produced from her fingertips.

Profile Gally was one of a series of combat synthetics developed by Avalon Enterprises, shortly before it's hostile takeover by Primus. Having no use for her type, all models were ordered destroyed. Gally and the others resisted but were eventually overcome by Primus' new Ravers. Gally survived and took refuge within a community in the United States called the Scrap Yard. Her programming began to evolve in her time living with humans and she gained sentience. At first her emotions overwhelmed her and she became known as an Angel of Death against those she felt did wrong. She was recruited by Doom during his presidency, who promised her the respect of a sentient being. Her association with him allied her with the Morlocks, and in the end, Doom treated her as nothing more than a tool.
Exposure to Virtual Unreality appeared to have stripped Gally of her sentience. Tragically, just as her humanity began to return, she was destroyed by Paloma in Herod's attack on them.