Alias Flux
Name Matthew Flynn
Age 22
Height 5'8"
Weight 139 lbs.
Hair White
Eyes White
Distinguishing Features Glowing angelic wings
Known Relations None
Skills Cybersavant
Superhuman Abilities Winged flight and technopathy broadcasted from her wings like they were antennae.

Profile An employee for Horizon assigned to the XENO project, Flux began stirring up trouble when her friend, Alex Moon, had been accused of stealing the prototype and his fiance disappeared. But then, she also disappeared. She was experimented on with nanotechnology to give her a sort of technopathy that would allow her to be used as a control system for new prototypes, but the exeriment was canned and she was left to rot. With the technopathy she had obtained, she alerted the Morlocks, who came to her rescue. She was forced to witness a fellow Morlock, Firewall, be murdered by Jester, but went on to defeat Jester and claimed Firewall's sword with a nannite blade as remembrance.
That very blade was later plunged through her by Xeno, who was Deadbolt at the time. The nannites swarmed into her body and appeared to be slowly killing her. Instead, the nannites appear to have accessed her cyberspace archetype program and replicated it, giving her angelic wings.